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Cross & Crown
Spreading the Word. For Life!
Whether you walk into our store or shop online, our goal— as much as possible— is to make God-honoring product and church supplies available to the masses. Brick and mortar stores can only be so large, there’s never enough room to stock all of the great Christian product that’s available. However, our online store is practically limitless in its capacity to provide so much more. Now that doesn’t mean we have everything or that an item cannot sometimes be out of stock, but it does mean that you have so much more available to you than ever before— and, on top of that, at reasonable prices! This is the new and improved Cross & Crown Christian Store and

Cross & Crown Christian Store is a division of Free Will Baptist Press, the 501(c)(3) non-profit news media and publishing ministry of Original Free Will Baptists.

Our Stores
Cross & Crown Christian Store
Coorperate Offices
3928 Lee Street
Ayden, NC 28513
Phone: (800) 849-3927 ext. 231

Main Location
Cross and Crown
3928 Lee Street
Ayden, NC 28513
Phone: (252) 746-6128 or Toll Free (800) 849-3927
Hours: 9:00AM – 5:30PM Monday – Friday